About Us

Our company was formed in 1994 by, David T. Munuhe. It initially started as dairy farm producing and selling milk to a local dairy board, the Mathira Dairy board. Upon attending formal milk processing and dairy products manufacturing training in Holland, in 1990, Mr. Munuhe purchased the equipment required to start the processing plant and started manufacturing in 1994. The first product was tested on May 3rd 1994 and thereafter selling begun.

The plant is located in Mathira division in Nyeri. Through these years we have been able to buy milk from major dairy producers in the region to supplement milk produced at our dairy farm and also from the local small scale farmers who were experiencing the poor pricing and management issues of the local dairy board just like us. We believe the Lord, strategically placed us at this location not only to ensure we have a constant supply of milk but also to help the local farmers and to provide a source of reliable revenue stream for all around our manufacturing plant.

By 1997 we had penetrated fully into the Kenyan market, with most of our customers based in Nairobi area. We have also recently extended our marketing and selling capacities to East Africa and are now selling to a few hotels in Tanzania. Our customer base through the years has manly been comprised of:

  • Major Hotels
  • Tourist Hotels and lodges
  • Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Sports Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Missionaries

References and testimonials from current and past customers are available upon request. Our sales and distribution office is located in Nairobi.

Our Team

The team is comprised or highly skilled and trained employees experienced in milk processing and product manufacturing. We ensure all employees at the plant receive proper training and information to aid them in the job. Every year all the employees undergo refresher training and instruction on hygiene, quality and general process improvements. We get updates from a leading international connecting company in Kenya (PROMACO) on new world discoveries and procedures.

Hygiene and Quality Assurance

The plant maintains a very high standard of cleanliness. The plant undergoes cleaning each day with an additional day of the week set aside for thorough cleaning and maintenance of the entire plant and equipment. We pride ourselves in keeping the facility at high hygiene and cleanliness and have passed all our unannounced health inspections.

Our policy stipulates that all current and new customers are allowed to visit the plant and review our cleanliness standards. One of our customers, one of the leading hospitals in Kenya, currently performs regular unannounced visits as mandated by the health regulations and their internal procedures as an ISO certified health institution.